Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income

Q. Is there more than one kind of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefit available?

Q. Do I have to be totally disabled from all work to receive SSD benefits?

Q. How is SSD connected to Medicare benefits?

Q. Do I need to be disabled for a certain period before I can qualify for SSD/SSI benefits?

Q. Do I have to have an employment history to qualify for SSD benefits?

Q. If I accumulate money or property, can this disqualify me from SSD benefits?

Q. Does my age make any difference in my right to SSD/SSI benefits?

Q. Can I receive SSD/SSI benefits for a mental, rather than a physical impairment?

Q. Is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge always required?

Q. Do I need a lawyer to initially apply for SSD or SSI benefits?

Workers’ Compensation

Q. Do I need a lawyer to represent me if my Workers’ Compensation benefits are being paid?

Q. How are my Workers’ Compensation wage payments calculated?

Q. If my work injury happened because of my employer’s unsafe workplace or negligence of a co-employee, can I sue my employer?

Q. Since my work injury, I have had considerable pain, suffering and loss of usual activities. By law, can I receive compensation for these damages from my employer or Workers’ Compensation insurance company?

Q. Can a Workers’ Compensation claim be settled for a lump sum?

Q. Can I select my own physician or do I have to go to treat with the “company doctor”?

Q. Do I have to pay taxes on my Workers’ Compensation wage or medical benefits?

Q. Do I have a time limit to provide notice of my on-the-job injury to my employer?

Q. Can I continue to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for my entire lifetime?

Q. Once my Workers’ Compensation benefits are started, can the insurance company stop them?